Brand: INSA

Apples & Banana I.N.S.A.


Apples and Bananas is an evenly balanced hybrid with a heavy-hitting lineage equation: [(Platinum Cookies X Granddaddy Purple) X Blue Power] X Gelatti. Thanks to the cultivars combined to make this fruity flower, it can impart a balanced high that’s known to provide creative, happy thoughts and a relaxed, tingly sensation throughout the body. It tastes as you’d expect, with notes of sugary banana and sour apple, but its aroma is a tad spicier and tinged with diesel. Although it offers hybrid sensations, Apples and Bananas is usually pretty high in THC, so it may be a better option for those with a higher tolerance.



About the brand :

Insa is not some la-di-da so-and-so that’s going to carry you away to a land of make believe. It’s cannabis for real life: the good days and the ‘bout to get better.
Insa offers premium cannabis in a variety of formats and functions to help wind you up, calm you down, ease your ailments—and whatever you need in between.

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