Brand: New York Honey

Blueberry Muffin – 1g ALL-IN-ONE

IndicaTHC:82%CBD:4%TAC: 91 %

Welcome to the NY Honey Vape Experience!

Blueberry Muffin is an indica dominant strain made from a cross of Blueberry and Purple Panty Dropper. This strain features a flavor profile that smells like a tray of fresh baked muffins with hints of vanilla and butter. Blueberry Muffin’s sweetness is softened by a smooth, creamy finish.Feelings: relaxed, tingly and happy.

Did you know? Your NY Honey Vape is not just any vape – it’s a hand-crafted and custom-blended piece of art, designed for maximum effect and enjoyment. Plus, it’s eco-friendly! While sold as disposable, your NY Honey Vape cartridge is actually RECHARGEABLE and REUSABLE. To recharge, simply: Locate the NY Honey drip logo on the bottom of your cartridge. Unscrew the logo to reveal a hidden charging port.

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“TAC” – Total Active Cannabinoids

“TAC” – Total Active Cannabinoids-91%

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