Brand: Zizzle

Carbon Fiber – 3.5g


Introducing Carbon Fiber, This exceptional strain is a genetic cross between three popular strains—Grape Pie, Biscotti, and Cookies and Cream. This lineage gives Carbon Fiber its uniquely enjoyable high, tempting bag appeal, and complex terpene profile.

With its sweet and fruity aroma from Grape Pie, earthy spice from Biscotti, and creamy undertones from Cookies and Cream, Carbon Fiber offers a diverse and captivating flavor profile.

Crafted by our expert cultivators and breeders, each bud is hand-trimmed with precision to preserve its potency and integrity. With its high THC content and robust cannabinoid profile, Carbon Fiber delivers a euphoric and deeply relaxing experience—perfect for unwinding or sparking creativity.

Experience the allure of Carbon Fiber and discover why it’s quickly becoming one of the most sought-after strains in the industry.

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