Brand: Glenna’s

Cherry Dream – 100 mg – 20pk


1 Serving:

5 mg THC

2.5g CBN

Glenna’s is a women-owned cultivator and processor, committed to the highest quality and consistency of products that are grown and produced in Rush, NY.

Discover Glenna’s newest line of cannabis extracts, meticulously crafted to embody the essence of the rolling hills and crisp air of upstate New York.

Our hand-crafted, fruit pectin-based gummies are gluten free, vegan and low sugar, and high in great tasting flavor! For a lift, try our cannabis-infused Fruit Up, Fruit Up Sour,

or Blue Raspberry. To help with relaxation or sleep try THC/CBN infused Cherry Dream

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CBN (Cannabinol)

CBN (Cannabinol)-50

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