Brand: ElectraLeaf

ElectraLeaf – Banana Acai Mints – Pre Roll


BANANA ACAI MINTS (Indica) (Breeders Cut)
Banana Acai Mints is a cross of Banana Punch and Acai Mints, bred by Tiki Madman. This strain
produces sedating effects that can be felt from head-to-toe. Icy, intimidating, and Heavy with gas
and pine, Banana Acai has funky banana notes in the base that smell like Jamaican rum when mixed
with that skunk. Banana and hazy berries with an OG undertone really shine through the smoke,
giving it a very nice rum vibe. A touch of overripe tropical fruit adds to the beachy flavor, which
makes the sedative effects even more intense. This strain is a “creeper strain”, which means the
high will come on slower than you might expect, so take it easy with this one until you know how it
effects your body. A real pleasure for the day joint smoker, smooth taste and a balanced high that is
just right.



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