Brand: Garcia Hand Picked

Florida Kush 3.5g


This indica was given its name as a tribute to the roots of the original Triangle Kush, which was named after Florida’s 3 cannabis-producing capitals. But all you really need to know is that Florida Kush (LA Kush Cake x TK bx1) will get you in a sunshine state of mind. It’s got an old school cannabis flavor with heavy heady vibes that will send you swaying off in deep relaxation, wrapped in the arms of the summer night moonlight.

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THC-D9 (Delta 9–tetrahydrocannabinol)

THC-D9 (Delta 9–tetrahydrocannabinol)-24.54%

THCA (Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinolic acid)

THCA (Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinolic acid)-23.18%

About the brand :
Garcia Hand Picked

This is Jerry Garcia’s uniquely personal legacy as an artist. And the inspiration behind his namesake cannabis product line. Like his music and art-and unlike any other product available-Jerry’s signature cannabis collection will be spontaneous, revelatory, healing, and anything but ordinary.

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