Brand: Olio

GMO Live Rosin Batter – 1g


+ 1 g Fresh frozen live rosin

+ Nose/flavor: garlic, diesel

+ Lineage: Chemdawg x Girl Scout Cookies

We strive to create the highest quality live rosin for like minded individuals who love hash as much as we do. We take our time to give each batch the attention it deserves.

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About the brand :

Olio’s team of hash enthusiasts first started perfecting cannabis extraction back in 2012 and have been pushing the envelope ever since. They are focused on terpene preservation and unique flavor profiles in our concentrates. Their growers and genetic library are the finest in the state and they employ both butane and solventless extraction methods to harvest every last wonderful trichome.

Olio’s mission is to provide delicious, beautiful, clean and potent concentrate to folks who love smoking hash as much as they do!

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