Brand: HER Highness

Grindzilla Luxury Grinder – Her Highness

Our gold electroplated Grindzilla herb grinder evokes images of stately lizards with commanding attitudes for a reason. Strikingly beautiful yet supremely functional and luxuriously hefty, our premium gold cannabis grinder has three chambers for maximum efficiency, including a kief catcher because of course she does. When at work, she grinds weed like it’s nobody’s business. At rest, the top cap, embossed with Her Highness’ snake logo, clings to the crown-like base magnetically to avoid any loss or mess.

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About the brand :
HER Highness

We are the premier purveyors of female forward Cannabis Couture – products and potions inspired and engineered by Women.

We design and deliver experiences that elevate and celebrate women. Her Highness products are thoughtfully and stylishly designed through the female lens. Working harmoniously with the female body. From highly coveted packaging, to striking the perfect balance of smart, sexy, and witty to describe each product and experience, Her Highness is your trusted girlfriend in cannabis.

Our products are made from premium materials that deliver a clean experience you can trust. We use naturally derived ingredients; never any parabens, sulfates, phthalates or aluminum.

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