Brand: Eureka



Sativa THC 83.63% CBD 0.64% The FUSION Strawberry Lemonade disposable brings you our pure & potent distillate combined with naturally-derived fruit terpenes in a convenient, rechargeable vape. Berry is a blend of blackberry, strawberry, blueberry and cherry that is sure to send your taste buds into overdrive. Ideal for kicking back and cooling down at the end of the day, this flavor combo is sure to be the perfect night cap for your very busy life. Solvent-Free Distillate Naturally Derived Fruit Terpenes Potency 80-90% THC 86-99+% Total Cannabinoids Lab Tested Ceramic Hardware Heavy-Metal Free Technology Rechargeable (Micro-USB) Effects Energetic Happy Creative Focused Inspired



About the brand :

As pioneers in the vape industry, Eureka was one of the originators of modern CO2 extraction. They set the gold standard in award-winning cannabis oil. They combined their passion for the craft with their state of the art proprietary process, to create high-end cannabis products at low prices. They believe in people over profit -- and to prove it, their price point reflects their values. As a family-owned and operated business for nearly a decade, they treat their patients like family -- providing access to clean, safe, all-natural medicine that you can trust. They have used the same master extraction artists since day one, guaranteeing the utmost flavor, potency, and purity in every drop.

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