Brand: NEA

Indica Lavender Limoncello | Gummies | 150mg | 20pk | RSO:CBN 2:1 | NEA


Our 20pk Nightcap Lavender Limoncello chews are the perfect ending to a busy day. Featuring adult flavors for an adult palate, the sweet tang of Limoncello is perfectly accented by the soothing floral notes of Lavender. Carefully formulated with the perfect ratio to help you gently drift into a peaceful sleep, our Nightcap chews are crafted with a 2 to 1 blend of Delta-9 THC to CBN. Users report CBN is pain relieving and mildly sedating, as well as being helpful for anxiety and general relaxation. So enjoy a night in and take your Higher Spirits to a whole new level with this calming blend of cannabinoids.



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