Brand: Papi Cannabis

Lava Cake Papi Sweet Slugger Blunt


Rolled in Fitchburg, Massachusetts at Rev Farms state-of-the-art facility, Papi sweet sluggers use only the choicest flower from some of David’s favorite strains. Sweet Sluggers 1g blunts are made with freshly-ground whole flower packed full of natural and flavorful terpenes. Rolled in a tobacco-free green tea blunt wrap for a smooth taste and even burn, these pre-rolled blunts are powerful and consistent, just like Papi.



About the brand :
Papi Cannabis

"Flower has power. I work with my partners to carefully select flower that will produce the potency and effect that I have always been expected to deliver. I always keep Papi pre-rolled blunts on hand to get me through my day and I am proud to share them with you." - David Ortiz aka Big Papi

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