Brand: ElectraLeaf

Pink Runtz – 1g Joint


Pink Runtz, a captivating hybrid strain, emerges from the perfect fusion of Rainbow Sherbet and Pink Zkittlez. Crafted with precision, this cultivar delivers an exceptional experience marked by a delightful blend of sugar, fruit, and a unique cherry-earthiness. The even balance inherited from Rainbow Sherbet combines seamlessly with the tantalizing qualities of Pink Zkittlez, creating a strain that induces a chill yet focused state – ideal for sparking creativity and inspiration. Smoking Pink Runtz in moderate amounts reveals its nuanced effects, providing pain relief sought after by medical marijuana patients. As you enjoy the maroon/bright purple buds, the enticing aroma of cherry, earthy gas, and hints of tangerines and sour cherries will transport you into a world of sensory delight. With each session, Pink Runtz promises an experience that leaves you craving more, making it a standout hybrid in both taste and effect

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