Brand: LuvBuds

Watermelon Juicy Jay’s 1 1/4 Papers

Juicy Jay 1 1/4 Watermelon Flavored Rolling Papers are the perfect choice for smoking enthusiasts in search of a delicious and flavorful experience. These premium rolling papers are made with a triple-dip system that infuses each sheet with intense watermelon flavor, making them some of the tastiest around. Juicy Jays rolling papers are super fine, printed with soy ink, and come with 32 sheets per pack. And if you want to stock up on these deliciously flavored papers, there’s no better deal than 24 packs per box! Enhance your smoking experience today with Juicy Jay’s Watermelon Rolling Papers!

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About the brand :

LuvBuds is one of the Nation’s Premier Dispensary Supply Companies. Specializing in Glass, Silicone, Papers/Cones, Dab products, Smoking Products, and dispensary supplies.

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